Rhythm of Love (Yes song)

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"Rhythm of Love"
Single by Yes
from the album Big Generator
B-side "City of Love" (live)
Released 1987
Format 7" vinyl, 12" vinyl, CD
Recorded 1985-1987
Length 4:47
Label Atco
Songwriter(s) Jon Anderson,
Tony Kaye,
Trevor Rabin,
Chris Squire
Producer(s) Yes,
Trevor Horn,
Trevor Rabin,
Paul De Villiers
Yes singles chronology
"Love Will Find a Way"
"Rhythm of Love"
"Lift Me Up"
"Love Will Find a Way"
"Rhythm of Love"
"Lift Me Up"
Big Generator track listing
"Rhythm of Love"
"Big Generator"

"Rhythm of Love" is a song by Yes. It appeared on the 1987 Big Generator album. It was released repeatedly as a single, alternating as the A-side or B-side of "Love Will Find a Way". It was also remixed many times, though, thus far, only two have seen a legal issue on CD; both appeared on one 1987 CD single issue, and have not seen an official release elsewhere. Paulinho Da Costa was brought in for percussion overdubs.[1] The song eventually became one of the band's most popular songs (even if the album received heavy criticism for being very pop-heavy) and it appeared on a vast amount of tours since 1987, eventually becoming the 18th most played song at Yes concerts, appearing 384 times as of 2009.[2] Despite its popularity, very few live versions were issued.

A music video of the song, directed by Alex Proyas, also exists.[3]

On the album[edit]

"Rhythm of Love" was a lead single for Big Generator, and as such, was announced on the callout sticker on the record as one of the featured tracks.[4] It is the first track on the first side of the LP.

A segue into the next track has all members making unusual sounds with their voices, probably meant to be improvising their instruments, as some of the voices sound distinctly like imitations of the sounds of a guitar or a bass.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1987) Peak
US Billboard Hot 100[5] 40
US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks[5] 2

Live performances[edit]

The song was played on the following tours:

"Rhythm of Love" became one of Yes's more versatile songs. In concert, no Yes song has undergone more variations.[citation needed] Throughout the 1987-1988 Big Generator tour, Yes experimented with its introduction, playing it different ways:

  • Early in November 1987, they started the show with the "Almost Like Love" intro, segueing into the "Heart Of The Sunrise" riff, immediately segueing into "Rhythm of Love".
  • Other times, they started the song the same way they famously did again Union, with the flute sample.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Yes did sometimes utilize a sample matching the original studio introduction during the Big Generator tour.
  • At some 1988 shows, Yes started the show with one of the "Rhythm of Love" remix dance tracks, from the official single seguing into the live song to start the show, this is similar to how they did it in 1998, but in 1998 there was no beginning sample. Alan White just started it on drums.

Few live versions were officially issued. One can be found on the box set The Word Is Live.


The song was remixed many times:

  • The "Dance to the Rhythm" remix
  • The "Move to the Rhythm" remix
  • Another remix with no formal title. This remix appeared on the CD single version issued in 1987.
  • The "CD remix," which also appeared on the CD single version in 1987, but nowhere else.
  • A further alternate mix, "The Rhythm of Dub."

Unless otherwise indicated, none of these remixes have been issued legally on CD. Some of these may appear as bonus tracks on a future CD remaster of Big Generator by Rhino.

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