Beef ribs

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Beef ribs
Beef Cuts
Type Rib cut of beef

Beef ribs are a primal cut of bone-in beef, coming from a single rib or from several ribs out of the carcass. There are mainly two primal cuts called "beef ribs", located in close but different areas of the animal carcass:

  • The rib steak: a rib eye steak with rib bone attached (a single rib, one of the ribs numbered 6 to 12 in the rib primal section).
  • The short ribs: several ribs cut from the rib and plate primals and a small corner of the square-cut chuck.


  • In the United States cuisine a bone-attached beef rib can be called "rib steak", "beef rib", "bone-in beef rib", "bone-in rib steak", "ribeye cowboy steak" or "cowboy cut".
  • In Australia a bone-in rib steak is called a "ribeye". When the bone is removed, Australians call the resulting piece of meat a "Scotch fillet" or "whiskey fillet".
  • In the French cuisine the rib steak (with bone attached, called côte de bœuf, literally: "beef rib") is a very popular dish and it is not uncommon to find French restaurants where a massive single côte de bœuf is served for two or more dinner guests. The French entrecôte corresponds to the rib eye steak, that is, a rib steak separated from its bone.
  • In Argentine cuisine roast short ribs are called indistinctly asado de tira or tira de asado. While in Argentine cuisine the bone-attached rib steak is called bife de costilla, the same cut of beef, in Spanish cuisine, with or without the bone, is called chuletón.


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