Ribble and Alt Estuaries

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Ribble Estuary
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Ribble Estuary.jpg
Ribble and Alt Estuaries is located in Merseyside
Ribble and Alt Estuaries
Location within Merseyside
Area of Search Merseyside
Grid reference SD375240
Coordinates 53°43′N 2°58′W / 53.71°N 2.97°W / 53.71; -2.97Coordinates: 53°43′N 2°58′W / 53.71°N 2.97°W / 53.71; -2.97
Interest Biological
Area 9226.3 hectares, 22,798.2 acres (92,261,000 m2)
Notification 1966 (Southport Sanctuary)
1976 (Ribble Estuary)
Natural England website
The Ribble Estuary in 1917.

The Ribble and Alt Estuaries lie on the Irish Sea coast of the counties of Lancashire and Merseyside in north-west England, and form the boundaries of a number of nature preservation schemes.

Protected area[edit]

A large number of different species of waders and wildfowl, listed below, use the estuaries as feeding and over-wintering areas. This wide variety of bird species has led to the estuaries being officially designated as a Special Protection Area and as a Ramsar site. The Ribble Estuary has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1966 and is now covered by Natural England's Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve.


Breeding season
Over wintering

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