Ribe Katedralskole

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Coordinates: 55°19′35.07″N 8°45′37.56″E / 55.3264083°N 8.7604333°E / 55.3264083; 8.7604333

Ribe Katedralskole
Puggaardsgade 22, 6760
School type Gymnasium
Private high school
Motto Latin: Litteris et artibus
(Literature and [the] Arts)
Denomination Church of Denmark
Established c.1145
President Bishop Elisabeth Dons Christensen
Rector Bent Karsdal
Gender Coeducational
Affiliations Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Katedralskole is a cathedral school in the town of Ribe, Denmark. The school was first mentioned in 1145, making it one of the oldest schools in the world. The oldest building still in use, Puggård, is from the fourteenth century. Except for churches, this is the oldest Scandinavian building still used for its original purpose.

Today the school is an independent school functioning as a modern high school (Danish: Gymnasium og HFkursus).

Famous alumni[edit]

Famous Alumni Year Occupation
Peder Palladius Bishop, Author
Hans Thomesen 1550 Hymn writer
Anders Sørensen Vedel 1561 Author, Historian
Anders Bording 1637 Editor
H. A. Brorson 1712 Danish Pietist clergyman and Hymn writer.
Henning Frederik Feilberg 1849 Author, Folklore Scientist
Eugenius Warming 1859 Botanist
Jacob A. Riis Did not graduate Journalist, pioneer of American photojournalism.
Jørgen Pedersen Gram 1868 Mathematician, forsikringsmand
Hans Brix 1887 Author, Kritik, professor
Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen 1965 Author, mag.art, Director
Holger K. Nielsen 1969 Politician
Henrik Dahl 1978 Author, sociologist
Rune Engelbreth Larsen 1986 Author, Politician
Katrine Winkel Holm 1989 Theologist, Debater, Boardmember of Danmarks Radio

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