Ribeira Grande (stream)

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For other uses, see Ribeira Grande (disambiguation).
Ribeira Grande
Country Cape Verde
Basin features
Main source Santo Antão
River mouth Atlantic Ocean
17°09′00″N 25°03′47″W / 17.150°N 25.063°W / 17.150; -25.063Coordinates: 17°09′00″N 25°03′47″W / 17.150°N 25.063°W / 17.150; -25.063

Ribeira Grande is a stream in the northeastern part of the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. The stream flows from west-southwest to east-northeast, through a narrow steep gorge. The river begins near Lombo de Santa and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at the town of Ribeira Grande.

The following settlements that the stream flows includes Lombo de Santa, Boca de Ambas Ribeiras, Boca de Coruja and Coculi, with it, the route connecting Chã da Igreja and Ribeira Grande runs within the stream and is paved, the road runs in small portions inside the stream.

One of the tributaries includes Ribeira de Chã das Pedras where it empties at an elevation of 120 meters close to Coculi.

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