Ribeira do Calhau

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For the settlement in Cape Verde, see Ribeira de Calhau.
Ribeira do Calhau
1996.12.00. Vale de Calhau, São Vicente, Cabo Verde. 2.jpg
Vale de Calhau in 1996
Country Cape Verde
Main source São Vicente
River mouth Atlantic Ocean
16°50′50″N 24°52′04″W / 16.8471°N 24.8677°W / 16.8471; -24.8677Coordinates: 16°50′50″N 24°52′04″W / 16.8471°N 24.8677°W / 16.8471; -24.8677

Ribeira do Calhau is a stream in the eastern part of the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde. It begins in the hills southeast of the island capital Mindelo, flows towards the east and empties into the Atlantic Ocean, at the village Calhau. The settlement Ribeira de Calhau, which comprises the villages Madeiral, Ribeira de Calhau and Calhau, takes its name from this stream.

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