Ribnica (fortress)

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Podgorica, Montenegro
Ribnica Fortress rarely seen covered with snow
Ribnica Рибница is located in Montenegro
Ribnica Рибница
Coordinates42°26′20″N 19°15′33″E / 42.438999°N 19.259127°E / 42.438999; 19.259127
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built15th century

Ribnica (Montenegrin: Рибница/Ribnica) is an Ottoman fortress, located in the Stara Varoš neighborhood of Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro.


The fortress was built in late 15th century (around 1477), during the period of Ottoman reign. It was built above the confluence of Ribnica and Morača rivers, and was one of 2 fortresses surrounding Stara Varoš.[1]

For a long time, Depedogen was used as an ammunition warehouse. It was severely damaged in 1878, when a thunder strike triggered an explosion which destroyed a large part of the fortress's interior and exterior.[2]

A legend commonly told by the Serbian Orthodox Church leaders says that the fortress stems from the 12th century, and that it's the birthplace of Stefan Nemanja - the founding father of the Nemanjić dynasty. Therefore, a lot of people call the fortress Nemanjin Grad or Nemanjića Grad (Nemanja's Town in Serbian), and Orthodox ceremonies are often held at the location.[3]