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Ric Viers
Ric Viers in Studio.jpg
Born 1973
Occupation sound effects producer, sound designer, film director, screenwriter, and author
Website ww.ricviers.com

Ric Viers (born 1973) is an American sound effects producer.[1] He has also worked as a sound designer, film director, screenwriter, and author.


Viers began his career as a freelancer in 1997 providing location sound services for companies like ESPN, Disney, Universal Studios, as well as shows like Dateline, Good Morning America and The Today Show.[2] In 1999 he began creating sound effects libraries for companies like Sound Ideas, The Hollywood Edge and Video Helper.[3] He has provided sound effects for companies such as Apple, Sony, and Adobe, which have included his work as bundled sound effects in their software product lines. His work appears under many titles and pseudonyms such as Blastwave FX, The Detroit Chop Shop Sound Effects Library, The Sound Effects Bible Library, Dr. Sound Effects and others.[4]

Viers founded the Detroit Chop Shop, a post-sound production facility located in Macomb, Michigan.[5] In 2007, Viers released his 100th sound effects library and founded Blastwave FX, a high definition sound effects publishing company, producing nearly 50,000 sound effects within the first five years.[6] Viers is the world's largest independent producer of professional sound effects libraries for the movie, television, radio, and video game industries, with over 250,000 sound effects and more than 670 sound effects products by 2016.[7]

Viers published two books with Michael Wiese Productions, The Sound Effects Bible (2008) and The Location Sound Bible (2012).[8]

In 2009, Viers became a spokesperson for Rode Microphones, producing video tutorials for the company's Rode University website; highlighting Rode's broadcast microphones. He was a spokesperson for Sony Creative Software until the company’s software product line was sold to Magix in 2016.[9] Other sponsors include TASCAM, Direct Sound, iZotope and Soundminer. He is a frequent special guest speaker at film festivals, schools, universities and conventions.[10]

In 2011, Viers's studio launched a web series on The Sound Effects Bible's YouTube Channel called "The Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries" which documents the work of Viers and his team. As of 2016, the show’s sponsors have donated over $250,000 in gear, software and sound effects to the interns at the Detroit Chop Shop.[11]

In 2012, Viers began releasing a new line of themed sound effects libraries such as the zombie apocalypse, comic book heroes, haunted houses and action movies. Artwork for the collections featured the work of Lucasfilm artists Matt Busch, Lin Zy and special effects Make Up Artist Dan Phillips from the reality show Face Off.

Haunted FX Poster

In 2015, Viers was inducted into the Full Sail University Hall Of Fame for his achievements in the entertainment industry as well as his continued participation with the student body.[12]

In 2016, Viers launched the website SoundEffects.Com in an effort to give sound effects enthusiasts a platform to learn how to create and sell sound effects.[1]

Sound Effects Libraries[edit]

The following is a limited discography of Viers's work. Credits range from producer, sound designer to partial contributor.

  • Action Movie Sound Effects Library - Blastwave FX
  • App FX - Blastwave FX
  • Blastdrive - Blastwave FX
  • Haunted FX - Blastwave FX
  • Heroes & Villains - Blastwave FX
  • Sonopedia - Blastwave FX
  • Titlewave - Blastwave FX
  • wav FX - Blastwave FX
  • Zombie Apocalypse - Blastwave FX
  • Sound FX Volumes 1-4 - Digital Juice
  • The Detroit Chop Shop Sound Effects Series - Sony
  • Crash and Burn - Sound Ideas
  • Dark Side Of Sound - Sound Ideas
  • Impact Effects 1 & 2 - Sound Ideas
  • The General Extensions III & IV - Sound Ideas
  • Hyperspace - The Hollywood Edge
  • Sonic Energy - The Hollywood Edge
  • The High Impact Series - The Hollywood Edge
  • The Guns of Cinema - The Serafine Collection
  • Modules II - Video Helper
  • Noise Generator: Slam, Bang Boom - Video Helper
  • Noise Generator: Transitions - Video Helper


  • The Sound Effects Bible (2008)
  • The Location Sound Bible (2012)

Selected Filmography[edit]

  • Joy Road (2004) Sound Recordist
  • Life Goes On (2007) Sound
  • Stick It in Detroit (2008) Sound Designer
  • Off The Record (2016) Writer, Actor
  • Aladdin 3477 (2018) Sound Recordist
  • Beyond the Glory (2001-2003) Sound Recordist
  • City Confidential (2001) Sound Recordist
  • Medical Mysteries (2000) Sound Recordist


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