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Ricardo Cano (born December 27, 1951, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a former professional tennis player from Argentina. He enjoyed most of his tennis success while playing doubles. During his career he won 4 doubles titles and finished runner-up an additional 6 times.

Cano participated in 23 Davis Cup ties for Argentina from 1971 to 1982, posting a 14–13 record in singles and a 9–7 record in doubles.

Career finals[edit]

Doubles (4 titles, 6 runner-ups)[edit]

Outcome No. Year Tournament Surface Partner Opponents Score
Winner 1. 1973 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay Argentina Guillermo Vilas Chile Patricio Cornejo
Colombia Iván Molina
7–6, 6–3
Winner 2. 1976 Hilversum, Netherlands Clay Chile Belus Prajoux Poland Wojtek Fibak
Hungary Balázs Taróczy
6–4, 6–3
Runner-up 1. 1976 North Conway, U.S. Clay Paraguay Víctor Pecci United States Brian Gottfried
Mexico Raúl Ramírez
3–6, 0–6
Runner-up 2. 1976 São Paulo, Brazil Carpet Chile Belus Prajoux Argentina Lito Álvarez
Paraguay Víctor Pecci
4–6, 6–3, 3–6
Runner-up 3. 1976 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay Chile Belus Prajoux Brazil Carlos Kirmayr
Argentina Tito Vázquez
4–6, 5–7
Runner-up 4. 1977 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay Spain Antonio Muñoz Romania Ion Ţiriac
Argentina Guillermo Vilas
4–6, 0–6
Winner 3. 1981 Bournemouth, U.K. Clay Paraguay Víctor Pecci United Kingdom Buster Mottram
Czechoslovakia Tomáš Šmíd
6–4, 3–6, 6–3
Winner 4. 1981 Brussels, Belgium Clay Ecuador Andrés Gómez Brazil Carlos Kirmayr
Brazil Cassio Motta
6–2, 6–2
Runner-up 5. 1981 Santiago, Chile Clay Chile Belus Prajoux Chile Hans Gildemeister
Ecuador Andrés Gómez
2–6, 6–7
Runner-up 6. 1983 Bahia, Brazil Hard Brazil Thomaz Koch Brazil Givaldo Barbosa
Brazil João Soares

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