Ricardo Montez

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Ricardo Montez
Born Levy Isaac Attias
September 20, 1923
Died October 26, 2010 (aged 87)
Marbella, Spain
Other names Ricardo Montez
Occupation Actor

Ricardo Montez (born Levy Isaac Attias, September 20, 1923, – October 26, 2010)[1] was a Gibraltarian actor best known for his role as the Spanish bartender Juan Cervantes in the ITV comedy series Mind Your Language.

Personal life[edit]

He lived in Richmond, London and used to visit Gibraltar twice a year. He was married to Orita, with whom he had a daughter, Clara, and a granddaughter, Sara. Ricardo died in Marbella, Spain, at the age of 87.[2][3]

Selected credits[edit]

Roles in film & television




Freewheelers - Writer


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