Ricardo de Ortega y Diez

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Ricardo de Ortega y Diez
Ricardo de Ortega y Diez.jpg
143rd, 145th & 147th
Governor-general of Puerto Rico
Coat of Arms of Spain (1874-1931) Pillars of Hercules Variant.svg
In office
Preceded by Sabas Marín González; Andrés González Muñoz; Manuel Macías Casado
Succeeded by Andrés González Muñoz; Manuel Macías Casado; Nelson A. Miles
Personal details
Born 1838
Madrid, Spain
Died 3 December, 1917
Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Profession General, Governor-General of Puerto Rico

Ricardo de Ortega y Diez (1838–1917) was a Spanish general. He served as interim Governor-General of Puerto Rico during three periods of the Spanish–American War, and occupied various other posts. Born in Madrid, Spain, Ortega y Diez attended the Colegio de Infantería and became a sub-lieutenant at the age of 17.

From 1859 to 1860, he served in Africa obtaining the rank of captain. On 24 May 1873, he received the rank of lieutenant general and participated in several actions against Carlists. In early 1880s, he was the Director of the Central Shooting School, inventing a quick loader for rifles in 1889.

In 1892, he reached the rank of division general and returned to Africa the following year to work with the tribes of Melilla. In 1895, he served as Military Governor of Madrid. On 19 February 1896, he was named second corporal of the Capitanía General of Puerto Rico and Military Governor of San Juan.

After the Spanish–American War, he received the rank of lieutenant general in 1901. In 1903 he received the rank of Captain General of the Balearic Islands until 1910. That year he turned to the Reserve after 54 years of military service. He died in Madrid, Spain, on 3 December 1917.


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