Ricciotti Garibaldi

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Ricciotti Garibaldi
Ricciotti Garibaldi.jpg
Ricciotti Garibaldi
Born (1847-02-24)24 February 1847
Montevideo, Uruguay
Died 17 July 1924(1924-07-17) (aged 77)
Riofreddo, Italy
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Rank Brigadier-general
Commands held Commander of Garibaldi Legion
Spouse(s) Harriet Constance Hopcraft

Ricciotti Garibaldi (February 24, 1847 - July 17, 1924) was an Italian soldier, the fourth son of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita Garibaldi.

Born in Montevideo, he was named in honour of it:Nicola Ricciotti who had been executed during the failed expedition of the Bandiera Brothers against the Kingdom of Naples. He spent much of his youth in Nice, Caprera and England.

In 1866, alongside his father, he took part in the Battle of Bezzecca (1866) and the Battle of Mentana (1867); in 1870, during his father's expedition in support to France during the Franco-Prussian War, he fought for the Army of the Vosges, during which he occupied Châtillon and, at Pouilly, during the fr:Bataille de Dijon (1870) (Battle of Dijon), captured the sole Prussian flag lost during the war.

After a failed attempt to create market enterprises in America and Australia, he was a deputy in the Italian Parliament from 1887 to 1890. In the Turkish-Greek War in 1897, he fought with the Greek Army against the Ottomans with other Garibaldines.

Of his six sons, five including Peppino (Giuseppe II.,1879–1950) and it:Ezio Garibaldi were soldiers in World War I. He also had a daughter, Anita, who died in 1962.

He died in Rome in 1924.

Family tree[edit]

Giuseppe Garibaldi
Anita Garibaldi
Ricciotti Garibaldi
Harriet Constance Hopcraft
Bruno Garibaldi
Unknown Son
Unknown Son

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