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Rice burner
ManufacturerAsian, esp. Japanese
Also calledRice machine, rice rocket, rice grinder, or ricer

Rice burner is a pejorative, used as early as the 1960s, originally describing Japanese motorcycles,[1][2][3] then later applied to Japanese cars, and eventually to Asian-made motorcycles and automobiles in general.[4] The term most often refers to vehicles manufactured in East Asia, where rice is a staple food.[5][6] Variations include rice rocket, referring most often to Japanese superbikes, rice machine, rice grinder or simply ricer.[4][7][8]

The adjectival variation riced out describes the result of "overmodifying a sports compact, usually with oversized or ill-matched exterior appointments".[9] Rice boy is a US derogatory term for the driver or builder of an import-car hot rod.[5] The terms may disparage cars which have been cheaply modified to present a deceptive or cosmetic appearance of high performance, without the capability.

The term is often defined as offensive or racist stereotyping.[10][11][5] In some cases users of the term assert that it is not offensive or racist,[12] or else treat the term as a humorous, mild insult rather than a racial slur.[13][14][15][5]

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