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Richard († 1178) was a 12th-century bishop of Dunkeld. He got the bishopric of Dunkeld, the second most prestigious bishopric in Scotland-north-of-the-Forth, after serving the King of Scots. He was capellanus Regis Willelmi, that is, chaplain of King William of Scotland, and had probably been the chaplain to William during the reign of King Máel Coluim IV. He was consecrated at St Andrews on 10 August 1170, by Richard, former chaplain of King Máel Coluim IV but now the bishop of St Andrews. Richard continued to have a close relationship with King William, and was in Normandy with the king in December 1174 when the Treaty of Falaise was signed.

He died in 1178. He allegedly died at Cramond in Midlothian and was buried on Inchcolm. Both details may be the result of confusion with Richard de Prebenda, but buriel on Inchcolm was common for the bishops of Dunkeld.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Dunkeld
Succeeded by
Walter de Bidun (unconsecrated)


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