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Richard A. Betts
OccupationClimate scientist

Richard A. Betts is Head of the Climate Impacts strategic area at the Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter, United Kingdom.[1][2] He is also Chair in Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter and the Principal Investigator of the EU FP7 project HELIX (High-End cLimate Impacts and eXtremes). He was a lead author for Working Group I[3] and a contributing author for Working Group II[4] of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. He was a lead author for Working Group II of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.[5] He is an editor for the International Journal of Global Warming,[6] the Journal of Environmental Investing,[7] and for Earth System Dynamics.[8]

After studying physics at the University of Bristol, Betts switched to meteorology at the University of Birmingham and then studied for a doctorate in meteorology at the University of Reading.[1] He is noted for engaging with critics of climate science on Twitter[2] and was selected by TIME as one of the 140 best Twitter feeds of 2012.[9]

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