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Richard Bird (computer scientist)

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Richard Simpson Bird
Head photograph of an older white male smiling, with short grey hair and glasses
Professor Richard S. Bird
Born(1943-02-13)13 February 1943
London, England
Died4 April 2022(2022-04-04) (aged 79)
Known forAlgorithm design
Functional programming
Bird–Meertens formalism
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science
InstitutionsUniversity of Reading
University of Oxford

Richard Simpson Bird (4 February 1943 – 4 April 2022)[1] was an English computer scientist.


He was a Supernumerary Fellow of Computation at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, in Oxford England,[2] and former director of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (now the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford).[3] Formerly, Bird was at the University of Reading.

Research interests[edit]

Bird's research interests lay in algorithm design and functional programming, and he was known as a regular contributor to the Journal of Functional Programming, and as author of several books promoting use of the programming language Haskell, including Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell,[4] Thinking Functionally with Haskell,[5] Algorithm Design with Haskell co-authored with Jeremy Gibbons,[6] and other books on related topics.[7][8] His name is associated with the Bird–Meertens formalism, a calculus for deriving programs from specifications in a functional programming style.

Other organisational affilitations[edit]

He was a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) IFIP Working Group 2.1 on Algorithmic Languages and Calculi,[9] which specified, supports, and maintains the programming languages ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68.[10]


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