Richard Blair-Oliphant

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Richard Blair-Oliphant is a composer of music for film and television. He has been a composer on over 40 projects, including the series How the Universe Works and I Shouldn't Be Alive, as well as the televised broadcast of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. His work on the Discovery Channel mini-series, When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions, was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Music and Sound at the 30th annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards.[1][2] He is also composer of the music for 2012 movie The Dinosaur Project and the 2004 fantasy/science fiction film The Last Dragon (2004 film) as well as the BBC Election theme used from 2010 until 2017.[3] And the music of the documentary Last day of Dinosaurs 2010.

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