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Richard Burmer
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Background information
Born(1955-09-19)September 19, 1955
Owosso, Michigan
DiedSeptember 9, 2006(2006-09-09) (aged 50)
Saginaw, Michigan
Genreselectronic music
Occupation(s)composer, engineer

Richard Steven Burmer (September 19, 1955 – September 9, 2006) was an American composer, engineer, sound designer, musician and ethnomusicologist.[1] His work with electronic music combined with musical styles and instruments from around the world formed his own unique and distinct sound.

Early life[edit]

Richard was born September 19, 1955 in Owosso, Michigan, the son of Henry Stanley Burmer and Theresa (Suchozenka) Burmer. As a youth growing up in Michigan, he was introduced to the music of India, the Middle East, contemporary orchestral composers, and electronic music. He found a wide palette of musical textures with synthesizers, and the original sampler, the Mellotron. Influences also came from The Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd. He graduated from Corunna High School in Michigan.


After spending time in college studying music theory and composition, Richard moved to Los Angeles where he became a sound designer for E-mu Systems in Santa Cruz and engineer/synth programmer for EFX systems in Burbank.

Richard Burmer died of heart disease on Saturday, September 9, 2006 in Saginaw, Michigan at the age of 50 years. A 2007 Hearts of Space radio show episode entitled "Across the View" (Program #794) was dedicated to his memory. The radio show Echoes released a tribute podcast for Burmer on the tenth anniversary of his death in 2016.[2]


  • 1984 - Mosaic (Fortuna Records, re-released on American Gramaphone Records)
  • 1987 - Bhakti Point (Fortuna Records, re-released on American Gramaphone Records)
  • 1987 - Western Spaces (Collaborative album with Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny)
  • 1988 - On the Third Extreme (Gaia Records, re-released on American Gramaphone Records)
  • 1992 - Invention (American Gramaphone Records)
  • 1994 - Collections from a Gallery (Burmer compilation from Japan)
  • 1995 - Shining by the River (Burmer compilation by Audio Alternatives Record Company feat. Richard Burmer`s personal Favourites from the Albums Bhakti Point,On The Third Extreme and Invention + some extra Tracks from the Day Parts Series, released on these Albums (see below).
  • 1996 - Treasures of the Saints (Miramar/BMG Records)

Individual pieces[edit]

  • 1982 - Track "Intro" (on album Music from the 21st Century) (Vinyl only Track)
  • 1996 - Track "Tristan and the Book" on sampler "Miramar 10"
  • 1999 - Track "Moon Ghost Waltz" (Written by Michael Hoppe, performed by Richard Burmer solo (not to be confused by the official release of this Title as a Michael Hoppe Track with Tim Wheater (Flute) and Richard Burmer (Sound FX) on The Unforgetting Heart by Michael Hoppe; Richard Burmer Version released 2013 on Michael Hoppe`s Album "Rarities" (download only Album)
  • 2000 - Track "Sun`s Coming Out" (on Sampler "Cousteau`s Dreams-Real Music)

Western Spaces with Steve Roach/Kevin Braheny (1987 Innovative Communications release)[edit]

  • 1987 - Track "Across the View" (re-released on the sampler "Sunday Morning Coffee" in 1991)
  • 1987 - Track "A Story From The Rain" (re-released on the sampler "Sunday Morning Coffee" in 1991)

Day Parts Series by Chip Davis (on American Gramaphone)[edit]

  • 1992 - Track "The Rain Will Bless The Love" (from Day Parts "Romance")
  • 1992 - Track "Shining By The River" (from Day Parts "Romance")
  • 1993 - Track "Meadow Drive" (from Day Parts "Sunday Morning Coffee 2")
  • 1993 - Track "Downstream" (from Day Parts "Sunday Morning Coffee 2")
  • 1997 - Track "Embracement" (from Day Parts "Romance 2")
  • 1997 - Track "Walk Into The Love" (from Day Parts "Romance 2")

Additional Collaborations[edit]

  • 1986 - Album "Point Of Arrival" by Loren Nerell, feat. Richard Burmer on additional Synthesizer
  • 1988 - Album "Galaxies" by Kevin Braheny, feat. Richard Burmer on additional Synthesizer
  • 1996 - Album "Wind Songs" by Michael Hoppe, feat. Tim Wheather on Flute and Richard Burmer (Sound FX)
  • 1998 - Album "The Unforgetting Heart" by Michael Hoppe, feat. Tim Wheater on Flute and Richard Burmer (Sound FX)


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