Richard Cadell

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Richard Cadell
Born (1969-03-23) March 23, 1969 (age 46)
Occupation TV presenter, writer, producer
Net worth £8 million

Richard Cadell (Born, 23 March 1969) is an entertainment entrepreneur and magician, best known for being the hand of Sooty since 1999. He also owns and runs "the largest amusement park in the South West of England", Fun City, Brean [1] and also works as a consultant for TV productions. Cadell's involvement with Sooty began with the last season of Sooty & Co., where he and Liana Bridges worked at the titular store as employees.

In June 2008, Sooty's 60th Anniversary, Richard bought the rights for Sooty through his new company, Cadells Ltd. As well as touring with a new live show, reusing a script written by Matthew Corbett, Richard has also proposed three new TV shows for the brand, including a sitcom-type format - similar to how previous Sooty shows have been made - featuring the gang working in a handyman agency, a studio-based live variety show and a pre-school game show.[2]

He is the brother of soap opera actress Helen Pearson. She guest starred in the latest series of Sooty as a professional dancer named Dame Helena Pearsona.


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