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Richard Carr (born 1958) is a former British offshore powerboat racing Champion, who competed globally in the sport. He is also a prominent businessman in the Dorset area.

He is regarded as one of the United Kingdom's most experienced and successful powerboat racers[1]


Richard Carr had been involved in boating since he was seven years old, when he learned to sail a mirror dinghy. However, he only started racing when he was 25.

He has competed successfully at all levels, from Class 2 UK National racing, through to racing in the UIM Class 1 Offshore World Championship and the European Championship.[2] The latter in which he raced in a Cougar Lamborghini, a 39-foot Cougar catamaran.

Well known for his aggressive racing character,[2] Richard Carr won numerous domestic and international honours:

  • British Class 1 Champion, 1991[3]
  • Needles Trophy, 1992[4]
  • World Super V Unlimited Champion (OSS), 2011[5]

Two weeks after winning the 1992 Needles Trophy, Richard finished second in the controversial 1992 'Cowes Torquay Cowes', which was raced in difficult conditions and saw three of the top five finishers disqualified.

In 2011, he raced in the USA for Team Geico.[6]

Return to powerboat racing[edit]

On January 13, 2016, Richard Carr announced that he would return to the sport alongside friend and powerboat racer Steve Curtis.[6] Carr and Curtis will team up to take part in the one of offshore powerboat racing's longest and toughest challenges, the Round Ireland Venture World Cup.[7]

Cowes Torquay Cowes 2016[edit]

Richard and Steve were joined by Paul Sinclair and won their first ever Cowes Torquay Cowes title. On Sunday 4 September, the trio raced to glory in just over four hours to claim a historic victory in horrendous conditions for offshore racing.

Business Activity[edit]

Richard Carr is also a businessman and entrepreneur and has run many multimillion-pound companies in the leisure, nightlife and commercial and property development sectors.[8]

Richard is the former chairman of Allied Leisure, which previously ran and operated the Megabowl (now TenPin) franchise.[9]

Property Development[edit]

Richard has been involved in property development, primarily around the Poole area, for over 30 years.

Major developments that Richard has been involved with include the renovation of Dolphins Quay, Hennings Wharf and the £100million development of Salterns Marina.[10]

Richard Carr is the current Chief Executive of property developers Fortitudo Property Ltd.[11] He regularly releases content discussing and advising on property development in the UK.[12]


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