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[1]Richard Thomas Chase (February 15, 1904 – February 1988), an American folklorist, was an authority on English-American folklore. He was born near Huntsville, Alabama, and graduated from Antioch College in 1929. Chase compiled and edited several books of folktales and folk games (especially Appalachian), including Grandfather Tales: American-English Folk Tales (1948),ISBN 9780618346912; Hullabaloo, and Other Singing Folk Games (1949) and The Jack Tales ; The Jack Tales: told by RM Ward and his kindred in the Breech Mountain section of Western North Carolina and by other descendants of Council Harper (1803-1896) elsewhere in the southern mountains; with three tales from Wise County, Virginia. ISBN 0395066948; Old Songs and Singing Games ISBN 0486228797; The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus ISBN 0618154299; American Folktales and Songs and other examples of English-American traditions as preserved in the Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere in the United States. ISBN 0486226921; various spoken word recordings including Richard Chase Tells Three Grandfather Tales. Chase lived in California from 1964-1975 and was a regular at the Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire created by Ron and Phyllis Patterson, in Ventura, CA, where he is remembered for holding court under a large oak tree. He introduced English Country Dancing to the faire, bringing a group of his students from Claremont College. Chase had one daughter, Ann Gay Chase Applegate.[2][3]


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