Richard Constant Boer

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R. C. Boer

Richard Constant Boer (31 January 1863, Warnsveld - 20 August 1929, Amsterdam) was a linguist specializing in Old Norse.

Academic History[edit]

Boer received his Ph.D. in 1888 in Groningen for his edition of Orvar-Odds saga. From 1888 to 1900, Boer taught Dutch and geography at the Gymnasium in Leeuwarden from 1888 to 1900. He was also a professor of Old Norse at the University of Groningen from 1894 to 1900, and after 1900, professor of Old Germanic and Sanskrit at the University of Amsterdam.

In 1921, the study of Scandinavian languages was officially established at the University of Amsterdam. R.C. Boer maintained his focus on Old Norse and Old Norse literature, and in the 1920s, his teaching extended to the modern Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) and their literature.


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