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French translation of The Selfish Gene (chapter 11: "Memes: the new replicators").
Korean translation of The God Delusion.

The following list of publications by Richard Dawkins is a chronological list of papers, articles, essays and books published by British ethologist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

He also wrote many book reviews and newspaper articles which are not listed on this page.


Popular articles[edit]

Academic papers[edit]



  • Dawkins, R. (1971). "Selective neurone death as a possible memory mechanism". Nature. 229 (5280): 118–119. doi:10.1038/229118a0. 
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  • Dawkins, R. (1980). "Good strategy or evolutionarily stable strategy". In Barlow, G.W.; Silverberg, J. Sociobiology: Beyond Nature/Nurture?. Colorado: Westview Press. pp. 331–337. ISBN 0-89158-960-0. 
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  • Dawkins, Richard (1981). "In defence of selfish genes". Philosophy. 56 (218): 556–573. doi:10.1017/S0031819100050580. 
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  • Dawkins, R. (2000). "W. D. Hamilton memorial". Nature. 405 (6788): 733. doi:10.1038/35015793. 
  • Dawkins, R. (2002). "Should doctors be Darwinian?". Transactions of the Medical Society of London. 119: 15–30. PMID 17184029. 
  • Blakemore C, Dawkins R, Noble D, Yudkin M (2003). "Is a scientific boycott ever justified?". Nature. 421 (6921): 314–314. doi:10.1038/421314b. PMID 12540875. 
  • Dawkins, R. (2003). "The evolution of evolvability". On Growth, Form and Computers. London: Academic Press. 
  • Dawkins, R. (2004). "Viruses of the mind". In Warburton, N. Philosophy: Basic Readings. New York: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-33798-4. 
  • Dawkins, R. (June 2004). "Extended phenotype - But not too extended. A reply to Laland, Turner and Jablonka". Biology & Philosophy. 19 (3): 377–396. doi:10.1023/B:BIPH.0000036180.14904.96. 


Richard Dawkins also wrote forewords to books, including:[1]


  1. ^ Some of the forewords written by Richard Dawkins are reprinted in The Devil's Chaplain: Selected Essays, Phoenix, 2003 (ISBN 978-0-7538-1750-6).