Richard Dean Starr

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Richard Dean Starr
Richard Dean Starr
Born (1968-03-06) March 6, 1968 (age 47)
Torrance, California, United States
Occupation Editor
Short story writer
Newspaper reporter
Film critic
Genre Suspense
Science fiction

Richard Dean Starr is an American entrepreneur, editor, screenwriter, and author of fiction, comics, and graphic novels whose work has featured characters including Hellboy, Zorro, The Phantom, Kolchak: The Night Stalker,[1] The Avenger, The Green Hornet's Kato, and Wyatt Earp, among others. He is also a former journalist and film critic who has written for both newspapers and magazines.

In 2013, Starr worked as a script doctor for the 17th time in his career, writing the revised story and first-draft screenplay for the feature film "Artists Die Best in Black", based upon the novel by Martha Mabey and starring Malcolm McDowell and Luke Goss.

Besides writing fiction and non-fiction, Starr is also a copywriter and marketing consultant through Diamond Pacific Media Group. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eread Technologies, Inc. which owns and is developing®,™, and other reading-centric domains.


Starr was born in Torrance, California, but spent thirteen years in Florida. He returned to Los Angeles in 2006 and was named Special Projects Coordinator for Moonstone Books in 2007. Starr edited Tales of Zorro, the first anthology of original Zorro short fiction ever authorized by Zorro Productions, Inc. The collection was released in September 2008 as a mass-market trade edition featuring cover art by Douglas Klauba. A limited, signed edition, illustrated by Ruben Procopio and with cover art by Sergio Martinez, was released in the fall of 2009. The second volume, More Tales of Zorro, was released as a mass-market trade paperback in the summer of 2011.





The Green Hornet[edit]

Kolchak: The Night Stalker[edit]

Sherlock Holmes[edit]

The Lone Ranger[edit]

The Phantom[edit]

The Avenger[edit]

Other Short Fiction[edit]

  • "Eat Your Heart Out" (R. Allen Leider's Hellfire Lounge, 2009)
  • "Fear Itself" (Cemetery Dance magazine, Stephen King Halloween issue, 2005)


  • The Hurricane Key (Forthcoming)
  • Dead Beat: A Jack Switcher Auction Mystery (Forthcoming)

Graphic novels[edit]

  • Wyatt Earp: The Justice Riders (Moonstone Books, 2008)

Comic Books[edit]

  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.: Unnaturally Normal (Forthcoming; co-authored with Kevin J. Anderson)




As Editor[edit]

Filmography (Limited)[edit]

  • Artists Die Best in Black - Story and Screenplay (Uncredited) - ADBiB Productions, LLC, 2014
  • The Cursed - Story Editor / Script Doctor, 2010
  • Visioneers - Story Editor / Script Doctor, 2008
  • Wednesday Again - Production Coordinator / Script Consultant, 2007
  • Shadowheart - Production Coordinator, 2007 (Uncredited)
  • Space Reserved - Co-Producer and Production Coordinator, 2007 (Unproduced)
  • Ring Around the Rosie - Script Consultant, 2006
  • Dr. Chopper - Script Consultant, 2005
  • Corpses - Script/Continuity Consultant, 2004
  • The Almost Guys - Script Consultant, 2004
  • All for Lust - Story Editor, 2003
  • Malibu Spring Break - Script Consultant, 2003
  • Storm Warning (alt. title: Storm Front) - Screenplay - Four Score Films (option only), 1991


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