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Richard E. Waugh (born 1947) is a Canadian banking executive. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he is the Deputy Chairman of Scotiabank, and an Officer of the Order of Canada.[1] He was the Chief Executive Officer of Scotiabank,[2] and has been since January 2004.[3]


In 2007, he was appointed by government officials to offer his views at summit talks regarding business prospects in Latin America.[4] Waugh publicly advocated for more transparent rules regarding foreign takeovers of Canadian businesses in 2010.[5] Waugh was cited as having the highest CEO pay increase of 29% in 2009. He earned C$9.7 million in 2009, including salary, bonus, and equity-linked compensation, according to Bloomberg News.[6] He also sits on the boards of many philanthropic organizations. Also, in 2009, he received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Foreign Policy Association in New York City, and more recently, was conferred by the President of the Dominican Republic the Order of Merit for distinguished service to the country.[7] Announced his retirement on 5/31/2013 to be succeeded by Brian Porter effective Nov. 1, 2013.


He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba. He holds an MBA and an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from York University's Schulich School of Business.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Waugh resides in Toronto. He is married and has three children.


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