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Richard E. Young (born August 20, 1938)[1] is a teuthologist. He is an Emeritus Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.


Young took a Bachelor of Arts degree at Pomona College in 1960, his Master of Science degree was taken at the University of Southern California in 1964 and his PH.D. was awarded in 1968 by the University of Miami, Institute of Marine Sciences.[1]


He was a visiting Assistant Professor of Zoology at the Ohio Wesleyan University from September, 1968 to June, 1969. He was appointed as an Associate Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii in 1973 and in 1983 he was appointed as Professor of Oceanography. He officially retired in 2001 but continued as an Emeritus Professor to the present.[1]

His current areas of study are the evolution, systematics and functional morphology of cephalopods, and the ecological roles that cephalopods perform in present and past oceanic communities. His past work on cephalopods included bioluminescence, the ecology of the larvae and the ecology of midwater animals. He has most recently being studying the ecology of animals in the Mesopelagic Boundary Region.[2] From 1996 up to the present he has been a major contributor on cephalopods to the Tree of Life Web Project.[3]

Selected publications[edit]

The following are some publications where Young is a co-author:[1][2][4]

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Taxa named[edit]

The squid genus Discoteuthis was described by Young and Roper in 1969 with two species.[4]


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