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Richard Falley Jr. (January 31, 1740 in St George River, Maine – September 3, 1808 in Westfield, Massachusetts) was a soldier who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Falley was the son of Richard and Anna (Lamb) Falley.[1] At age 16, Falley joined the Provincial Army and was among those captured by Native Americans at the surrender of Fort Edward. He taken to Montreal and adopted into the tribe. Later he was ransomed from the tribe by a lady[1] for 16 gallons of rum and returned to Westfield.[2]

He later joined Captain Park’s company as an ensign and commanded a company at the Battle of Bunker Hill where his 14-year-old son, Frederick, served there as a drummer,[2] and reportedly "drummed all through the fight."[1]

During the American Revolution, Falley made guns for the Continental Army at an armory at the foot of Tekoa Mountain in Montgomery, Massachusetts.[2]

He was for many years superintendent of the Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts.[1]

On December 24, 1761, Richard married Margaret Hitchcock (b. May 25, 1741, Westfield, MA - d. February 11 or 18, 1820, Volney (now Fulton), NY) in Westfield, Massachusetts. Together they had 11 children, 10 of whom survived.[1]

  1. Lovisa Falley, b. Dec 3, 1763
  2. Frederick Falley, b. Jan 2, 1765
  3. Margaret Falley, b. Nov 15, 1766
  4. Richard Falley, b. Sept 15, 1768
  5. Russell Falley, b. Oct 5, 1770
  6. Daniel Falley, b. Dec 3, 1772 (did not survive)
  7. Daniel Falley, b. Nov 15, 1773
  8. Ruth Falley, b. Dec 7, 1775
  9. Lewis Falley, b. Jan 15, 1778
  10. Samuel Falley, b. Oct 9, 1780
  11. Alexander Falley, b. Apr 4, 1783

Sources indicate Falley was either the maternal grandfather[2] or maternal great grandfather of Grover Cleveland.[3]

Westfield, Massachusetts' Falley Drive is named for him. He is buried at the Old Burying Grounds off of Mechanic Street in Westfield.


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