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Richard Garvey Intermediate School is a public middle school located in Rosemead, California. It is one of the two intermediate schools in the Garvey School District. The school consists of grades 7th and 8th and is recognized as California Distinguished School. It has an average Community Rating of 4 out of 5 stars and a GreatSchools rating of 8 out of 10.


New home owners encountered a quandary: they had a problem with education for their children. Richard Garvey, Sr., being one of the home owners, was worried when his son, Richard Garvey, Jr., was old enough to go to school.

The year 1892 was especially important since it was the first step to make land (330' x 264') for Garvey School. From 1893 to 1894, a petition was filed for a school and was approved on March 30, 1894. The first teacher, Miss Alica McCollum, opened the school to forty children.

As the school grew, a new building was erected facing Jackson Avenue. It was severely damaged, however, in the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. Students had to hold classes in tents on the field. The present day main building was completed in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration.


Richard Garvey Intermediate School now lies on an area of 12.4 acres (50,000 m2). The student population is over 800 students from the 7th and 8th grades. There are 5 permanent buildings and two portables which house classrooms, as well as a gymnasium which was completed in 2008.

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