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Richard Giachetti is a former NASCAR Winston Cup Series race car owner and one half of the Giachetti Brothers. He is from Detroit, Michigan[1]


With a career spanning from 1968 to 1972, Giachetti has employed some of the better NASCAR drivers of that era.[2] Drivers under his employment included: Bill Seifert, David Pearson, Frog Fagan, Lennie Pond, and Jack Ingram.[2] LeeRoy Yarbrough and British-born driver Brian Redman have also driven for Giachetti.[1] These drivers contributed to exactly 3,909.0 miles or 6,290.9 kilometres of racing action; which is the equivalent of 3024 laps of professional stock car racing experience. Earnings for Giachetti were $17,467 ($106,761.31 when adjusted for inflation) with his vehicles starting in 26th place and ending in 24th place on average.[2]


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