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Richard Glover
Richard Glover, on Why Men Are Necessary (8058652953).jpg
Glover at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2012
Born 13 July 1958

Richard Glover is an Australian talk radio presenter, journalist and author. He is best known as presenter of the drive program on 702 ABC Sydney. His book Flesh Wounds was voted one of the top five books of 2015 by viewers of ABC television's The Book Club and was Reader's Choice winner as Biography of the Year in the 2016 Australian Book Industry Awards.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Glover was born in Australia on 13 July 1958, but spent some of his early life in Papua New Guinea. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts degree with first class honours. He lives with the playwright Debra Oswald and they have two sons. He has written 13 books, including the humour book Desperate Husbands, which was a bestseller in Australia and has been published in translation in Italy and Poland.[2]

Glover presents the radio show Drive from Monday to Friday, 3pm to 6 pm on 702 ABC Sydney. He joined 702 ABC Sydney in January 1996, taking over the Drive segment from Mike Carlton. In 2004 he was awarded the Broadcaster of the Year Award for ABC local radio.[3]

Glover's writing for the stage includes Lonestar Lemon, which has toured nationally with Genevieve Lemon, and A Christmas Story, which premiered at the Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre in December 1998, with Richard Wherrett directing.

Glover is also a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. His weekly humour column has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald since 1985. He has also worked as that paper's news editor, arts editor and European correspondent.[4]

In December 2011 he and Peter Fitzsimons achieved a record for the world's longest radio interview, supervised by Guinness World Records.[5]

Political views[edit]

Glover is an ABC political journalist.

Glover is an atheist, and says he "never managed a speck of interest in religion" but believes Christianity and religion should be tolerated by non-believers. In 2015 he wrote that "Marketplace economics is now the God of our time, and its priests are Microsoft, Apple and Google".[6] Glover supports same-sex marriage in Australia, which he says will be "entirely positive".[7]


Richard Glover was scheduled to appear in 3 events at the 2017 Brisbane Writers Festival in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[8][9]


  • Flesh Wounds (2015) (ISBN 9780733334320)
  • George Clooney's Haircut and Other Cries for Help (2013) (ISBN 9781460700303)
  • Why Men are Necessary and Other News from Nowhere (2010) (ISBN 9780733329159)
  • The Mud house: four friends, one block of land, no power tools (2009) (ISBN 9780732290290)
  • The Joke Trap (2007) (ISBN 9780733320552
  • Desperate Husbands (2005) (ISBN 0732282500)
  • The dag's dictionary: a humorous book of words that should exist, but don't (2004) (ISBN 0733314368)
  • The dirt experiment (2003) (ISBN 0733616208)
  • In bed with Jocasta (2000) (ISBN 0732268648)
  • Maps, dreams, history: race and representation in Aboriginal Australia (1998)
  • The joy of blokes: a survivor's guide to the men in your life, how to meet them, how to love them, how to eat their cooking (1994) (with Angela Webber) (ISBN 1863737529)
  • Laughing stock: one man's battle with sex, work and a son called Batboy (1993) (ISBN 1863735658)
  • The P-plate parent (1992) (with Angela Webber) (ISBN 1863731989)
  • Grin and bear it: a survivor's guide to marriage, kids, family holidays, home renovations, the English and other horrors (1990) (ISBN 0731801814)


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