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The Richard Goodall Gallery is a contemporary fine art, photography and rock poster gallery based in Manchester, England. They have been in existence since 2000. In 2007 a second location was added on High Street in Manchester focused on contemporary fine art, with the original location on Thomas St, Richard Goodall Gallery and showing Rock Poster Art and Designer Urban Vinyl. Throughout the year each gallery will show 8-10 independent events, with the occasional one crossing over both galleries.

Main areas of focus[edit]

Lenticular prints[edit]

Richard Goodall Gallery is notable in the creation of fine art lenticular images as large scale art pieces with work from contemporary photographers. To date over 50 pieces have been created and the editions are all sold out or close to sold out. They comprise images from Gered Mankowitz, Terry O'Neill, Jay Blakesberg, Michael Spencer Jones and Paul Saltzman. These feature The Beatles, Elvis, Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Sinatra amongst others. They can be seen on permanent display at the Millenia Fine Art Gallery on the mezzanine level of the Time Warner Building in Columbus Square, New York.


At its outset Richard Goodall Gallery brought contemporary photography to Manchester as the first large scale accessible gallery in the UK and the only photography gallery outside of London.[citation needed] Starting with 33 Still Lives by Anton Corbijn it has had exhibitions from Mark Seliger - Platinums [1] and Graham Nash, who has had two exhibitions at the gallery.[2]

2012 saw exhibitions by Nick Veasey showing his xray art with a new exhibition of his large items including the controversial Kylie's Knickers[3]

Following in the style of musicians who are also artists Richard Goodall Gallery curated and debut'd the Photography of musician Ben Folds in 2012. The exhibition featured the premiere of Ben's photography and a series of limited edition gigposters for the UK reunion tour of Ben Folds Five.[4] Ben Folds was also on Front Row, the BBC Radio4 arts programme talking about the exhibition [5]

Leonard Cohen Art[edit]

In 2007 Richard Goodall Gallery launched the fine art of Canadian Poet and Singer Songwriter Leonard Cohen with the exhibition A Private Gaze.[6] This exhibition has since travelled over the world and to leading art fairs worldwide.

Hacienda Then and Now with Peter Hook[edit]

In May 2011 the gallery showed Hacienda Then and Now a retrospective of the artwork and creative pieces from the Hacienda with original Joy Division and New Order member Peter Hook.[7] This was the first time many of these items were available to see since the Hacienda closed its doors - the doors themselves were also in the exhibition

Contemporary and street art[edit]

From photography they expanded into contemporary painting showing exhibitions of Dalek,[8]Eelco Brand, Niagara, Kendra Binney, Yumiko, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and others.[citation needed] This new focus is bringing world wide street art and contemporary art to the British public.

Recent notable contemporary art exhibitions include Ray Caesar Sin and Sentiment bringing his digital art to the UK [9]

There was also a large exhibition of vintage original Chinese propaganda poster art in 2012 which brought restored Chinese propaganda posters to the UK public [10]

The rock poster explosion[edit]

With the success of the new shows Richard Goodall Gallery dedicated an entire floor of the gallery to rock poster art. This covered the new wave of the American artists that were creating the next generation of music posters in the tradition of the sixties poster artists of San Francisco's Family Dog and Bill Graham Presents and Detroit.[citation needed]

The new work was showcased in a number of exhibitions, most notably the Post Neo Explosionism show with Emek, Justin Hampton and Jermaine Rogers which had an in-store appearance by Queens of the Stone Age, the subject of much of the work.[11][12]

It has also shown rock art exhibitions by Rob Jones which also launched the orchestral White Stripes record Aluminiun.[13]

Rob Jones returned to the gallery with his Exhibition Redsmith in 2011.[14] The gallery has also seen exhibitions and appearances by Daniel Danger and Jason Munn of the Small Stakes, and Jay Ryan of the Bird Machine in Chicago and Diana Sudyka.

Tara McPherson brought her book launch and poster and contemporary art to the gallery on Thomas St.

Toys and urban vinyl[edit]

The Richard Goodall Gallery on Thomas St has designer urban vinyl and toys from around the globe: Kidrobot, StrangeCo, Toy2R, Jamungo, 3A, Toy2r, Frank Kozik, and Mindstyle.

The work they show in the vinyl format crosses over with prints and paintings by the same artists. They are also strong proponents of producing exclusive works and have had gallery exclusive pieces from Dalek and Frank Kozik in 20" Dunny's, Smorkin Labbits and Ice Bots. There have been a number of exhibition that have included vinyl pieces Dalek, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters, and special signings and openings for the French Dunny series and 3 Bears Dunnys with Jon Burgerman, I Love Dust and Tado.

They also show custom toys with Kathie Olivas having 20 custom vinyl pieces at her show, and Dalek producing a custom Munny for the show.


In June 2007 Richard Goodall Gallery opened its second 2,500-square-foot (230 m2) gallery at 103 High Street in Manchester, taking the Richard Goodall Gallery name, the original gallery is renamed Richard Goodall Gallery: Underground and sells rock poster art, urban vinyl and affordable contemporary art

Exhibited artists[edit]

* Anton Corbijn * Terry O'Neill * Gered Mankowitz * Jamie Baldridge * Jay Blakesberg * William Ellis * Bill Armstrong[disambiguation needed]
* Ray Caesar * Mark Seliger * Leonard Cohen * Niagara * Kendra Binney * Ben Allen * James Marshall (Dalek)
* Brendan Dawes * Ben Folds * Jonas Lofgren * Tara McPherson * Scott Carruthers * Alan Jaras * William Ellis
* Sas Christian * Colin Christian * Brandt Peters * Federico Gonzales * Jordin Isip * David Oxtoby * Ralph Starkweather
* Ronnie Wood * Kathie Olivas * Yumiko * Jeff Soto * Grant Barnhart * Tim Biskup * Central Station Design
* Nicoletta Ceccoli * Donald Topp * Curtis Jobling * Scott Radke * Nick Vessey * Dale Chihuly * Rick Griffin
* Rob Jones * Jay Ryan * Emek * Justin Hampton * Jermaine Rogers * Jesse LeDoux * Tyler Stout
* Leia Bell * Brad Klausen * Aaron Horkey * The Small Stakes * Diana Sudyka * Jeff Kliensmith * Burlesque of North America
* Daniel Danger * Todd Slater * Nick Rhodes * Mike King * Gary Houston * Bobby Dixon * Decoder Ring Design Concern


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