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Painting of Richard H. Nelson by Gerald R. Cassidy at the Cathedral of All Saints (Albany, New York)

Richard Henry Nelson was the second Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany in the United States from 1913 to 1929, as well as being Coadjutor from 1904 to 1913 under the first Bishop, William Croswell Doane.

Nelson was Rector of St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia, until 1903.[1] Nelson was elected in 1903 as a bishop coadjutor.[1][2] He "was consecrated at a most impressive service in the Cathedral, [on] May 19, 1904."[1]

He served as a bishop for almost thirty years, an extraordinarily long time. Nelson was highly active during all that time: preaching, confirming, and consecrating persons, especially in the northern mission of the diocese in the Adirondack Mountains.[1][3]

He was replaced by G. Ashton Oldham.[4]


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Episcopal Church (USA) titles
Preceded by
William Croswell Doane
2nd Bishop of Albany
1913 – 1929
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