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Richard Hayward (1892–1964) was an Irish film actor,[1] writer and musician. Born in Southport, he was an enthusiast for all Ulster regional popular culture. He was a member of the Orange Order, to which he dedicated much time. After a period working at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin he helped form the Belfast Repertory Theatre Company. He was a popular singer in the forties and fifties.[2] His career meant he lived a typical theatrical lifestyle being constantly on the move. He died due to a road accident outside Ballymena, in October 1964.

Selected filmography[edit]

Hayward also wrote the screenplay of the musical drama Devil's Rock.[3]

Selected books[edit]

He wrote a number of books, mostly topographical, about Ireland, including:

  • In praise of Ulster (1938)
  • Where the Shannon flows (1940)
  • Corrib Country (1943)
  • In the Kingdom of Kerry (1946)
  • Leinster and the city of Dublin (1949)
  • Belfast through the ages (1952)
  • Story of the Irish Harp (1954)
  • Munster and the city of Cork (1964)


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