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Richard Helms
the torso and head of a moustached man, wearing a jacket and tie, viewed from the right
Richard Helms, botanist to the Elder Exploring Expedition (August 1914)
Born(1842-12-12)December 12, 1842
DiedJuly 14, 1914(1914-07-14) (aged 71)
NationalityGerman-born Australian
Known forbotany, zoology, geology, and ethnology in various parts of Australia and New Zealand

Richard Helms (December 12, 1842 – July 17, 1914) was a German-born Australian naturalist whose work in botany, zoology, geology, and ethnology covered various parts of Australia and New Zealand.[1][2] He arrived in Australia in 1858 and worked for a cousin in a Melbourne cigar shop. He travelled to Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1862 and in 1876 began practicing as a dentist in Nelson, New Zealand. He married in 1879 and opened a watchmaking business in Greymouth.[3][4] The standard author abbreviation Helms is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.[5]


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