Richard J. Shaw

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Richard J. Shaw
Died 1958
Nationality USA
Known for Architect

Richard J. Shaw, AIA, (d.1958) was an American architect active in mid-twentieth-century Boston, Massachusetts and partner in the architectural firm of O’Connell and Shaw and founding principal in the eponymous architectural firm that specialized in ecclesiastical design.

Early life and education[edit]

Shaw graduated from the Harvard School of Design in 1912.

Architectural practice[edit]

In 1924, Shaw entered into a partnership with Timothy G. O'Connell to form the firm of O’Connell and Shaw, which was located in Boston, Massachusetts, and lasted for six years. Thereafter, Mr. O'Connell and Mr. Shaw continued to practice under their own names.


Shaw was a four-time recipient of the Harleston Parker Medal for outstanding architectural work in the greater Boston community. Perhaps his most famous design is that of the Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston.

Works as O’Connell and Shaw[edit]

Works as Richard J. Shaw[edit]