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Richard Jobson (fl. 1620–1623) was an English explorer of West Africa. He is only known from his writings on his 1620–1621 voyage to the Gambia River.[1]


He was appointed in 1620 to command an expedition to explore the River Gambia, for a group of adventurers. Former attempts in 1618 and 1619 had been failure, because of consequence of the hostility of the Portuguese and health problems.[2]

Jobson, sailing from England on 25 October 1620, and arriving at the mouth of the Gambia on 17 November, went up the river beyond the Barrakunda Falls, to the Tenda area.[3] He did not find the gold he sought.[2]

Somewhere in Gambia, Jobson refused to purchase some female slaves, stating that "We were a people, who did not deale in any such commodities, neither did wee buy or sell one another, or any that had our owne shapes;"[4]


After his return to England in 1621, Jobson published The Golden Trade.[5] He gives accounts of the Africans, then unknown to Europeans, though they had overland trade to the north coast.[2]


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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainLee, Sidney, ed. (1892). "Jobson, Richard". Dictionary of National Biography. 29. London: Smith, Elder & Co.