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Richard Juhlin, born 1962, is a Swedish Champagne writer, who has written a number of books that have been translated into several languages, including English and French.

Juhlin is a physical education teacher by training, and was educated at Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan in Stockholm. He worked as a teacher in Mälarhöjden before he could make Champagne-related activities his full-time profession.[1] As of 2008, the total number of Champagnes tasted and rated by him was 6,500.[2] In 2002, he was given the French award Mérite agricole of the rank Chevalier.[3][4]

Selected books[edit]

  • "Doften av Champagne" Bonnier, 2013
  • Champagne Guide, Wine Appreciation Guild, 2008 (published simultaneously in Swedish and English)
  • 4000 Champagnes, Flammarion, 2004
  • Tretusen Champagner, Wahlström & Widstrand, 2002
  • 2000 Champagnes, Methusalem, 1999

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