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Richard Kaczynski (born November 10, 1963) is an American writer and lecturer in the fields of social psychology, metaphysical beliefs and new religious movements. He is known for his biography of the occultist Aleister Crowley, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley, described by The Times Literary Supplement as "the major biography to date",[1] and by the Norwegian daily Aftenposten as the best biography of Crowley.[2]

Kaczynski is also a keyboard player for the band House of Usher.[3]

Academic background[edit]

Kaczynski holds a Bachelor of Science degree, Master's degrees, and a PhD in social psychology from Wayne State University. He has held positions as Assistant Professor at Wayne State School of Medicine, Research Associate and Affiliate at Yale University's Department of Psychiatry.[4] He was also an adjunct instructor of orthodontics at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.[5]

He has published dozens of articles in academic peer-reviewed journals in areas ranging from national program evaluation of comprehensive work therapy, and multi-site clinical trials of treatment efficacy for bipolar disorder (STEP-BD), schizophrenia (CATIE) and Alzheimer's (CATIE). [6]

Metaphysical background[edit]

Kaczynski has been a student of Thelema since 1977, a member of Ordo Templi Orientis since 1987, and a lecturer on magick since 1990.[7] Within OTO he has been a very active member, and has done editorial duties on several publications including Neshamah[8] and the proceedings books for its US biennial national conference. He appeared on Canada's Drew Marshall radio show on June 25, 2011, where he was described as the "world’s leading expert on Aleister Crowley" [9]


Kaczynski's occult writings have appeared in various magazines including High Times,[10] The Magical Link, Neshamah, Cheth, Mezlim, Eidolon, and Different Worlds.[11] His medical and psychological writing has appeared in several publications in those fields.[6]


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Metaphysical articles[edit]

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  • Donna Zuckerbrot (2007). Engima: Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (Television production). Vision TV.[12]


House of Usher
  • Body of Mind (1998) - House of Usher
  • Fanfare for the Pirates (1998) Mellow Records
  • Live Encore? (40 minutes live from Progday 1999) (2001)
  • Giant for a Life: A Tribute to Gentle Giant - Mellow Records
  • Zarathustra's Revenge - Mellow Records
  • Fanfare for the Pirates - (1998) Mellow Records

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