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Richard C. Koo (Japanese: リチャード・クー, IPA: [ɽit͡ɕaːdu͍ ku͍ː]; Chinese: 辜朝明; pinyin: Gū Cháomíng; born 1954) is a Taiwanese-American economist residing in Japan specializing in balance sheet recessions. He is Chief Economist at the Nomura Research Institute.[1][2]

Saying Koo's 2011 "causes, cure, and politics" publication "has gone viral on the Web", Landon Thomas in the New York Times featured Koo's analysis in late 2011. Thomas was discussing the divergence between the way the U.S. and British governments addressed their banking crises in the 2008-9 financial crisis and the way Europe was beginning to do in late 2011.[3]



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