Richard La Ruina

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Richard La Ruina
Born Richard La Ruina
(1980-07-07) 7 July 1980 (age 36)
London, England
Nationality British
Other names Gambler, Richard Gambler
Known for Pickup artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author

Richard La Ruina is a London-based entrepreneur, author and dating coach.


La Ruina was born in London of Italian descent and raised in Cambridge where he describes his childhood as being academically and socially problematic.[1][2] At school, La Ruina was bullied and changed schools because of it, but the problem continued.[1][3] He describes himself as having developed a talent for the stock market at age 18, where he used his life savings successfully to earn himself a comfortable sum of money.[4] He claims that it was here that he acquired the nickname Gambler.[4]

By his own admission, La Ruina was unsuccessful with women throughout his early life, by age 21 he had never kissed a woman. Fueled by desperation and the fear of being alone for the rest of his life, La Ruina visited London's bars and clubs[3][5] to meet women. It was at this time where he met other pick-up artists. La Ruina viewed pick-up artists such as Erik von Markovik a.k.a. Mystery as great role models but they only provided him with an attitude and not a complete structure for meeting women.[1] This set La Ruina on the path of producing his own method of seducing women.

In 2007[2] La Ruina set up his own company, PUA Training[6] and trainers were used from his company on a Channel 4 documentary, First Cut: The Rules of Seduction[7][8] which documented the training of men in seducing women. The show was aired in the UK on 7 December 2007 and viewed by 2.5 million viewers. Since then he has been featured as an expert and trainer on Undercover Princes[9] on The BBC, Best Friend's Rehab on Fiver, Super Dragueurs: La Communaute Secrete Des Pick-Up Artist on Canal+,[10] The Fine Art of Seduction on VPRO in The Netherlands[11] and is set to feature in the film We Need to Talk About Kieran.[12]

In 2010 Richard La Ruina moved to Minsk, Belarus. He founded a website development company there.[13][14]

La Ruina has been called "Britain's No 1 superstar chat-up artist" by The Times newspaper.[15][16] He is consulted as an expert in a wide variety of media, from tips for Women in Cosmopolitan[17] to seduction tips in FHM[18] La Ruina released his book titled The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with women.[7][19]


La Ruina emphasises the importance of not using scripted lines or routines to attract women. He aims for a more natural approach, arguing that men must become their best selves to maintain attraction after the routines.[1] He believes there is a structure to attraction, but that rigid procedural approaches to attraction should be avoided.[1][20]

Training and products[edit]

His company teaches weekend bootcamps in the UK, Italy, Brazil and United States.[21] The company has also released DVD and digital download products. His products incorporate some of his developments in the pick up artist field including The Three Characters of a Seduction, Stealth Attraction, and the Lifestyle Seduction model.[22]



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