Richard Lorenzen

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Richard Lorenzen
Born (1992-02-28) February 28, 1992 (age 27)
ResidenceManhattan, New York City, U.S.
Known forFounder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands
Spouse(s)Pinsi Lei

Richard Lorenzen (born February 28, 1992) is an American entrepreneur,[1] philanthropist, and political figure. He is the founder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, a public relations firm based in New York City.[2]

Early life and career[edit]

Lorenzen was born in Long Island, New York to parents Richard and Christina Lorenzen,[3] a New York City Fire Department lieutenant and freelance writer,[4] respectively. He was homeschooled[3] and started his first online business when he was 15 years old.[5][6] He briefly attended NYU to pursue a major in international relations and affairs.[7]

Lorenzen is the founder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, a public relations firm in New York.[8] In a recent Huffington Post interview he talked about a lot of the challenges young people face in founding a company.[9] In a live radio interview with Biz 1190 in Atlanta, Lorenzen talked about how he founded his agency at the age of 15.[10]

After getting much attention for having founded his company at the age of 15, Lorenzen penned an article that was published on Fox News about the ten things he wish he had known before he started his company.[11]

In December 2015, the Young Entrepreneur Council announced that Lorenzen had gotten engaged to digital media entrepreneur Pinsi Lei.[12] They were married in October 2016.[13]


On October 25, 2016 Lorenzen released his book, Surge: Supercharge Your Life, Business & Legacy.[14]


He has been featured on Entrepreneur,[15] The Huffington Post,[16] Forbes,[17][18] Business News Daily,[19] Mashable,[20] and Fox News.[21]

Honors and awards[edit]

Lorenzen was listed as number 21 on Entrepreneur's "50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016",[22] as well as Business News Daily's "25 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow".[23]

Inc. named Lorenzen one of the top eight entrepreneurs on Twitter in 2016.[24]

In 2017 Inc. named Lorenzen one of the top 25 inspiring entrepreneurs to watch.[25]


Lorenzen serves on the Young Professionals Board of the Friends of the Children New York.[26]


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