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Richard M. Davidson
Occupation Protestant, Seventh-day Adventist Theologian

Richard M. Davidson is an Old Testament scholar and Seventh-day Adventist. He has authored dozens of articles for theological journals. As of 2009, he is the chair of the Old Testament department at Andrews University, and the J. N. Andrews Professor of Old Testament Exegesis.

He is married to JoAnn Davidson.[1]


Davidson is a former president of the Adventist Theological Society, commencing from 1994.[2]

Flame of Yahweh[edit]

Davidson published Flame of Yahweh: A Theology of Sexuality in the Old Testament in 2007,[3] apparently his magnum opus. The title is derived from the Bible verse Song of Song of Solomon 8:6c.[4] He has been studying the topic of sexuality since the early 1980s.

The scope is very board, covering a broad range of topics, including an exhaustive study of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), and comparing with perspectives from surrounding cultures of the time (the Ancient Near East).

According to one reviewer, "From the structural point of view, the book forms a literary envelope. Davidson begins with the theology of sexuality depicted in the narrative of the Garden of Eden and closes the book with the restoration of that theology in the book of Song of Solomon. There we again find a couple deeply in love in the setting of a garden."[5]

Two reviews appear in Andrews University Seminary Studies in 2008; by David Instone-Brewer[6] and Andre Claris Lombart.[7] Both are generally positive, as Davidson affirms in a response.[8] Ángel Rodríguez wrote, "This book is highly recommended to professors, pastors, family ministries personnel, and those interested in human sexuality." He does question evidence that Solomon's bride was a committed believer in the Lord. Also, he did not see any of discussion of circumcision, which arguably had sexual overtones.[5] Grenville Kent writes "Davidson is to be commended for an OT biblical theology of sexuality which is fearless, deep and comprehensive – almost encyclopaedic."[9]

Other reviewers include Anselm C. Hagedorn,[10] C. Amos,[11] J. Harold Ellens,[12] Yael Klangswisan,[13] Dale Launderville,[14] Harvey E. Solganick,[15] Nicholas T. Batzig,[16] Jennifer L. Koosed,[17] Heather Macumber,[18] and James D. Lorenz.[19] Additional reviews appear on the publisher's webpage.[20]

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