Richard Mark Elson

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Richard Mark Elson
Richard Elson 2011.jpg
Richard Mark Elson
Born Richard Mark Elson
Nationality British
Ethnicity White British
Occupation Actor & Director

Richard Mark Elson (born 10 February 1979) is an English writer, director and editor for film and television.


Elson has directed drama, documentary and short films. He has cut features, commercials, dramas, documentaries and trailers. He has worked with directors such as Kenneth Branagh, Martha Fiennes and Joseph Fiennes [1] and edited actors including Penélope Cruz, Beyoncé and Ian Holm.[2]

In 2001 he set up film production company Barebone Films which has since produced several award winning short films[3] and historical dramas.

Elson's directing credits include the popular children's TV series M.I. High for the BBC. He has won several awards for his short films, most recently the 'I Love' series (commissioned by Filmaka[4] which won a Filmaka award in 2008[3]).

His editing career started with documentaries, working with Multimedia Productions on Spotters. His breakthrough into feature films came when he worked with Martha Fiennes as associate editor on her film Chromophobia.[5] Since then he has cut many commercials, trailers and music videos (most notably three promos for the band Coldplay in 2008). In 2007 he edited two episodes of the drama series Nearly Famous and has since cut several dramas with Kudos Productions, including Spooks: Code 9. Other dramas include Secret Diary of a Call Girl.


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