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Military Maneuvers, oil on canvas, 148 x 240 cm, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Richard Thomas Moynan (27 April 1856 – 10 April 1906) was an Irish painter. Moynan was born in Dublin and studied there at the Metropolitan School.

Moynan originally set out to study medicine, but opted for a career in the arts shortly before his final examinations. He enrolled at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art in the autumn of 1879 and found quick success by winning both the Taylor and Cowper (awarded to the best drawing from life) competitions. In 1883 Moynan attended the Academy in Antwerp along with Roderic O'Conor and Henry Allen. He studied there until moving to Paris in 1885. By the late 1880s Moynan had returned to his native Dublin to exhibit his paintings, becoming a member of the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1890.[1]

In 1887, he was employed by a Dublin newspaper, The Union, as a political cartoonist.[2]


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