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Richard Oliver Gross (10 January 1882 – 27 December 1964) was a New Zealand farmer and sculptor. He was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England on 10 January 1882.[1]

Gross sculpted the following works:

  • The figure of Endeavour on the Auckland Grammar School war memorial, Auckland.
  • The figure of Sacrifice on the Cambridge war memorial.
  • The lion at the base of the Dunedin cenotaph.
  • The fountain at the National War Memorial carillon, Wellington.
  • The bronze frieze around the Havelock North memorial.
  • The stone frieze on the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland.
  • Elements on the Wellington cenotaph including the two panels of a call-to-arms relief and the equestrian figure on top, the ‘Will to Peace’. After the Second World War Gross added the bronze lions to the cenotaph.
  • The Athlete and The Swan on the Domain gates, Auckland.
  • The marble memorial to the Labour leader Harry Holland, in the Bolton Street cemetery, Wellington.
  • Davis memorial fountain at Mission Bay, Auckland.
  • The bronze Maori chief for the One Tree Hill memorial, Auckland.
  • The figure of love and justice for the memorial to Michael Joseph Savage at Bastion Point, Auckland.