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Richard Onses is a French economist and politician, born in Pau, France in 1962.

Onses holds a PhD of economics from Barcelona University and specializes in fuzzy logic as applied to business decision processes.

He is president of the Spanish Federation of the French "Parti Radical" (a centre-right political party) since 2012. He was the candidate of the Radical Party and the Republican, Ecologist and Social Alliance (centrist) for the Fifth constituency for French residents overseas (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco) in the 2012 legislative election.[1] He finished sixth, with 4.67% of the vote.[2]

In 2013 after the merge of the Parti Radical in the UDI party, and the decision by Jean-Louis Borloo not to provide the 2 million French expatriates with a Federation as before, Richard Onses resigned from the Parti Radical and the UDI and integered the UMP in 2014. To stay in the same Humanist line as before, the line that created the "loi de separation des eglises et de l'Etat" in 1905, he created in Spain, inside the UMP Federation, the France Moderne et Humaniste "courant", a movement inside the UMP created by Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Luc Chatel.

He worked in several companies in the Suez Group (Aguas Argentinas, Aguas de Barcelona), the French Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona. He has been vice president of Western Water Company, a Nasdaq traded company, and was a member of the advisory board of a water hedge fund, Water Asset Management.

Currently Onses runs Triason System SL, a merger and acquisitions boutique specialized in water utilities.


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