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For the English poet, see Richard Perceval Graves.

Richard P. Graves (October 1906 – June 6, 1989) was a veteran director of the League of California Cities. He became executive director in 1933.


In 1954, he ran for Governor of California against incumbent Goodwin J. Knight. His campaign director was Pierre Salinger, who later served as JFK's press secretary. He later moved to Philadelphia where he started the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. After this he got involved in real estate. He would later return to Los Angeles, to continue his career in real estate. He also rode on Air Force One with President John F. Kennedy in December 1961.


Richard P. Graves was married to his second wife Helen McDermott Graves. He has a son named Stephen, a daughter named Perrin MacEachern, a sister named Katheryn Wicks, nine grandchildren (Elizabeth L. Graves, Jonathon Graves, Katie Graves...), and great-grandchildren named Jessie Bolger, Elizabeth B Bolger, Megan Graves, Christopher Graves...[1]


Graves was also a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley in 1931.


  • A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley
  • Vice president of the Tishman Realty and Construction Company in Los Angeles from 1964 until his retirement in 1983
  • Vice president of the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
  • Executive director of the League of California Cities from 1933 to 1953


Richard Perrin Graves died in his home of Pebble Beach, California at the age of 82 in the year of 1989.[1]


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