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Richard Randolph
Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses
In office
Personal details
Born c. 1691
Turkey Island Plantation, Henrico County, Virginia
Died 1749
  • Richard Randolph II
  • Mary Randolph
  • Jane Randolph
  • Brett Randolph
  • John Randolph of Mattoax
  • Elizabeth Randolph
Father William Randolph

Richard Randolph (c.1691–1749),[nb 1] sometimes referred to as Richard Randolph "of Curles," was a successful planter-merchant on the James River and a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1727 until his death.[3] Randolph was the fifth son of William Randolph and Mary Isham, as well as the grandfather of John Randolph of Roanoke.[1][2] He was also recommended for appointment to the Governor's Council of Virginia four times but never received an appointment. In 1724, Randolph married Jane Bolling (1702–1766), the daughter of John Bolling "of Cobbs" and Mary Kennon. They had seven children: Richard II (c.1725–1786), Mary (1727–1781), Jane (c.1729–bef.1757), Brett (c.1732–1749), Ryland (c.1734–1785), Elizabeth (c.1736–1773), and John (1742–1775). He died in Bath, Somerset, England, on 17 December 1748, where he had gone to recover his health.

Through his marriage to Jane Bolling, his children were lineal descendants of Pocahontas.[5]

Biography and family[edit]

Randolph was born on the Turkey Island Plantation along the James River in Henrico County, Virginia around 1691.[1][2] He married Jane Bolling, John Bolling's daughter, in 1724 and the couple had six children who reached adulthood:[1][2][6][nb 2]

Randolph inherited the Curles Neck Plantation that adjoined the Turkey Island Plantation.[2]

He was a great-uncle of United States President Thomas Jefferson.

John Bolling Jr.'s grandson, Colonel William Bolling married Richard Randolph II's daughter, Mary (1775–1863) on February 24, 1798.

Richard II and Anne/Nancy Meade's son, Richard III married Maria Beverley (1764–1824) of Blandfield on December 1, 1785. Her parents were Robert Beverley and Maria Carter (Landon Carter's daughter). Robert was Colonel William Beverley (1696–1756) and Elizabeth Bland's son.

Richard II's son, Brett married Maria's sister, Lucy (1771–1854) on November 21, 1789. They had eleven children, one son died as an infant. All of them moved to Oakleigh, Greensboro, Alabama. One of their children, Edward Brett Randolph (1792–1848) married Elizabeth Bland Beverley (1804–1880). Edward Brett died at "The Cedars", Columbus, Mississippi. They had an only child, a daughter, Virginia Beverley Randolph (1827–1865). Virginia married in 1850 George Wisner Sherman (1817–1865) from Burnt Hills, New York. They had Edward Randolph, Hugh Sutherland, George Wormeley, Beverley, and Virginia Randolph.

Brett and Lucy's son, Robert Carter Randolph married his cousin, Anne Tayloe Beverley on June 12, 1826 in Mississippi. She was Robert Beverley and Maria Carter's granddaughter.

Brett's sister, Jane Randolph married John Bolling III's son, Archibald in 1774. They had a few children.

Richard Randolph III and Maria Beverley's son, Robert Beverley Randolph (1790–1869) married Eglantine Maria Beverley on March 23, 1834. Her parents were Peter Randolph Beverley and Lovely St Martin (1790–1867).


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  1. ^ According to Page and Glenn, Richard Randolph was born on or "about May, 1686," but their sources are highly suspect. The best available records pinpoint his birth about 1691.[1][2] According to Tyler, Randolph died in 1749.[3] Robert Isham Randolph indicates that he lived from 1690–1742,[4] however, this date of death contradicts the information provided by Tyler showing Randolph serving in the House of Burgesses after 1742.
  2. ^ Richard Randolph had at least two other children who died young; John Randolph was his sixth child.[2]


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