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Richard Reid is a former Ulster unionist politician.

Reid worked as a farmer in Pomeroy, County Tyrone. An evangelical Protestant, he became friendly with Norman Porter, secretary of the National Union of Protestants. In 1950, he arranged a meeting at the town courthouse for Monica Farrell, and through this, became acquainted with Ian Paisley.[1] He subsequently joined Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, and, although there was no local congregation, he became a church elder.[2]

In 1975, Reid stood for Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party in Mid Ulster, and was elected to the Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention.[3] He was also elected to Cookstown District Council at the Northern Ireland local elections, 1977.[4]

From the 1980s on, Reid withdrew from formal politics, but he was active in the Orange Order, where he became known as a leading traditionalist during the Drumcree conflict.[5]


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