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Richard David Rothstein is an American screenwriter and director.[1] He is best known for the original screenplay Universal Soldier,[2] which was followed by three sequels in 1999, 2009, 2012. He is the creator of the HBO TV series The Hitchhiker. Aside from being the executive producer and show runner, he wrote and directed several episodes. He is also known for directing and writing the 1987 pilot Bates Motel, which was a pilot intended for a TV series spin-off of Psycho.


Rothstein was born in Torrington, Connecticut to Jewish parents and grew up on Long Island. He attended Syracuse University, graduated from New York University, and got a J.D. from Temple Law School. He practiced law in New York for two years before coming to Los Angeles. He and his wife, Bushra, a psychoanalyst, reside in Los Angeles and have three children, Sara, Joshua, and Jessie. He has written many screenplays in the science fiction/horror genre and lately has had several graphic novels published.

Graphic novels[edit]

  • Baron Von Frankenstein: A Hollywood Fairytale (2013): Viper Comics[3]
  • Space Circus (2013): Viper Comics
  • Aussie (2014): Viper Comics


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